Revival of Sindhyat: A 10-Point Plan

It is open secret that Sindhis own thousands of media houses, publications and websites across the globe. Yet, we are far from making the desired impact about our cultural and linguistic values on the minds of our new generation and global communities.

The existing generation of Sindhis aged 50+ is perhaps the last deeply rooted to Sindhyat. Hence, the task of infusing love for Sindhi culture and language into the minds of our youngsters holds topmost priority.

After in-depth analysis, following suggestions could prove effective in promotion of all aspects of Sindhyat.

1. Intention and Commitment

A truly selfless, united and single-eyed approach is the basic requirement to yield results. With the time slipping out, we cannot any more afford to misuse our time and resources to promote individuals or lobbies. It’s high time that we replace the “I” with the much desired “we” as only genuinely combined efforts shall fetch impressive results.

Each family must be made to make a vow to speak at home and with Sindhi relatives and friends only in Sindhi so that the language does not die.

2. Budding Young Talent

We need to rewrite our history in an innovative, attractive manner and present it effectively. For this, Sindhi scholars, philanthropists and experts in various fields for presentations in desired formats and platforms..

Getting attention of young generation to Sindhism and then capitalizing their talent be the most valuable asset for the revival of Sindhyat. Oldies must pass on their skills to younger generation and train them to come to the forefront. Once our youth are capable to run the show independently, the keys to Sindhyat should be handed over to them.

3. Promotion of Sindhi Language

It’s imperative to find new and effective ways to embed Sindhi language in the mindset of young generation. Irrespective of the Script being used, the focus should be on preserving the essence of the language. Sounds of the alphabets, grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary should be taught.

Community members worldwide should be asked to pledge to speak in Sindhi language at home and with one another. English-Sindhi-Devnagiri-Roman Dictionaries must be made available online.

Competitions for different age-groups should be held on Language, Culture, History, Vocabulary, Story Writing, Poetry, Folk Dances, Cooking, Plays, Movies, Musical Works, Quizzes, General Knowledge and other aspects of Sindhyat. Winners in each group should be felicitated with Certificate along with Trophy/Cups and have their names published on all Sindhi websites worldwide.

4. Network of Associations

In order to achieve our goal, it’s imperative that Global Sindhis are unified and well-connected. A Universal Sindhi Body and backed-up by Associations at top, middle and lower levels in each country should be formed. They would chalk out and implement plans after taking into consideration the ground realities at local levels. Each of these Bodies should be headed by blend of veterans and youngsters to fetch the maximum benefit of experience and technology.

5. Royalty-free distribution of literally works

Sindhi-owned Publications Houses and Music Companies allover should be made Sindhi Media Partners and copyrights over Sindhi Publications be relaxed. Presently, tens of old Sindhi movies and hundreds of songs of legends like Master Chander, Bhagwanti Navani, and others cannot be found online. It is pointless to hold Intellectual Property copyrights if the community becomes extinct.

6. Digitizing & Translating Literature

Poets, Writers, Singers, Historians, etc must be helped in every possible manner to complete and publish their unfinished works.

All Sindhi literally works should be digitized in Audio, Visual and Text formats, along with translation in English, wherever possible and published for easy access globally.

7. Network of Sindhi Websites

All Sindhi websites spread across the world should function as co-ordinators, not competitors, and publish all Sindhi contents and important notifications. They should embed Sindhi TV and Radio channels on their portals so that the community members are connected irrespective of place of their domicile.

8. Sindhi Television Channel

A lot has been discussed about communication with the Govt. of India to establish Sindhi TV channel. Though it’s easier in India to obtain License for private TV channel, else there wouldn’t be thousands of TV channels today.

Connected by own TV channel, Sindhis would be in better position to promote their language, history and culture in big way. It will also attract our talented youngsters to produce and telecast several new Plays, Serials, Telefilms, Musical Programs, Discussions and Debates on social issues.

9. Promotion of Sindhyat on Social Media

It is an open secret that Sindhis have always lent a helping hand to community causes, whether of their own or of other communities. We need to publish the works of such members to acknowledge their efforts and to highlight it to the world.

Using Social Media Sindhyat will give Sindhyat deep penetration among youngsters for speedy, accurate and effective results. Apart from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, we should support Sindhi websites like to help bind Sindhis as a force to reckon with.

10. Participation of Pakistan-based Hindu Sindhis

Since Hindu Sindhis living in Pakistan are rooted to the homeland, their active participation can play vital role in revival of Sindhi Language, Culture and History. We should be able to reach out to them and seek contribution to not only share their experiences but also help in various aspects of Sindhyat.

These suggestions can be fine-tuned as per the ground situation at the time of implementation.

~ Balwant Wadhwani

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