Mahakavi Shandilya Unveils the Forgotten Epic

Sir ShandliyaIntroduction:

In the rich tapestry of Indian mythology, the epics Ramayan and Mahabharat stand as towering pillars, immortalizing the virtues of Lord Ram and the triumph of righteousness. However, amidst the well-known narratives of Hindu rulers like Maharana Pratap and the Queen of Jhansi, the valorous history of Sind’s great warriors remains shrouded in obscurity.

Mahakavi Ramchand Shandilya, also crowned with the title of Sindhu Samaj Ratna, was a multi faceted luminary who contributed selflessly to the community in various roles such as a pious Brahmin, Academician, Poet, Writer, Scholar and a Spiritual Leader.

He emerges as a beacon, shedding light on the forgotten tales of the Hindu rulers of Sind through his remarkable work, Chachvansh Mahakavya.

Unraveling History:

Chachvansh Mahakavya, a singular creation by Mahakavi Ramchand Shandilya, provides a rare glimpse into the battles fought by the Hindu rulers of Sind, spanning from 516 BC to the Partition of India. Focused primarily on the era around 645 AD, when revered Hindu Brahmins like Chach, Chandra, and Dahersen ruled Sind, this epic piece of literature resurrects the untold chapters of Sind’s history.

The author’s meticulous exploration of historical events, presented in a simple yet engaging style, allows readers to witness the resilience of the Hindu rulers as they repelled invaders from the Land of Abundance, the once-separate country now known as Sind. Chachvansh Mahakavya not only recounts the grandeur of the battles but also unveils the intricate details of the region’s rich cultural traditions.

The Legacy of Mahakavi Ramchand Shandilya:

Mahakavi Ramchand Shandilya, a polymath with diverse talents, was not only a principal and a Sanskrit poet but also an exceptional Jyotish and a towering Tantralogist. His contribution to preserving and sharing Sind’s historical legacy is immeasurable. The translation of Chachvansh Mahakavya from its original Sanskrit to Hindi by Shandilya Ji ensures that the glorious past of India’s history is accessible to a wider audience.

Endorsement by Shrimad Bhaagwat Kathakarak:

Renowned Shrimad Bhagwat Kathakarak, Shri Ramesh Bhai Ojha Ji, known for his insightful discourses, emphasizes the significance of Chachvansh Mahakavya. In the foreword of the book, he notes that this is the first book dedicated to Sind’s history, aimed at creating awareness and fostering cultural identity. The work is hailed as a thought-provoking and thoroughly researched endeavor, promising readers an engaging and gripping journey through the pages of history.


Chachvansh Mahakavya by Mahakavi Ramchand Shandilya emerges as a crucial addition to the literary landscape, unveiling the forgotten saga of Hindu rulers in Sind. As this remarkable work prepares for its formal release, it promises to not only inform but also ignite a renewed appreciation for the cultural heritage and historical roots that define the essence of the Indian subcontinent.



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